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Software Support

Order Tracking
To know the status of your Software Order, please contact our Sales Team at +91-89809 64229 or Email us at info@leepee.in.
For Instant Download link please email or SMS your Payment Details.

Product Activation
If you have recently buy any Software and want to activated product kindly Call our Support Executive at +91-75677 04646 or email us at customersupport@leepee.in

Customer Support:
Phone: +91-268-2551101
Email: customersuppot@leepee.in

Magazine Subscription

Non-Receipt of Magazines
If you have subscribe Lakda Udyog Darshan or Ply Market and have not received your copy, Kindly Call us at +91-268-2551101 or Email us at info@leepee.in.

Subscription or Advertisement Queries
If you want to subscribe or advertise in magazine, Call us at +91-9825767929 or Email us at info@leepee.in

Contact Us

Email: info@leepee.in
Mobile: +91-8980964229

Email: support@leepee.in
Phone: 0268-2551101

Inquiry Help? 89809 64229