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Ply Market 2011 Directory

Directory of Manufacturers and Suppliers of Plywood, Block Board, Flush Doors, Veneers, Decorative Laminate & related machinery and tools from Gujarat.

Content Highlights

  • Over 3000 Addresses and Contact Nos. of Suppliers
  • Categorized by City & Business Type
  • Comprehensive Data in over 300 Pages
  • Useful Sourcing Information for Buyers & Suppliers

Product Categories

  • Plywood, Block Board Suppliers
  • Decorative Laminates, Veneer
  • Flush Doors
  • Packaging Material
  • Ply/Panel Machineries

Price Rs. 450 (Including Courier Charges)

Payment Information:
Send Cheque/D.D./Cash in Favor of "Leepee Publication & Marketing, Payable at Nadiad.
Mailing Address:
Leepee Publication & Marketing, Sherkand Talav Road, Above Paresh Lining, Nadiad 387001 (Gujarat).

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